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About Service Link

Service Link is a service point program which matches fitting stations for services on wheels and tyres to a wide spectrum of national clients. As soon as you register, a world of new business becomes available to you. Read More

How it Works

Customers are assigned to a Service Link Partner through a fully automated process which allows for quick and effective fulfilment of tyre fitting, balancing and alignment services. Referring customers has never been easier. Read More

Register Online

Help us to get to know you a little better!
Provide us with your store details and service credentials by completing the quick and easy online registration process. Read More

Service Link allows us to better serve a growing market base, whilst simultaneously supporting the existing service footprint. We partner with reputable, well located tyre outlets to offer tyre fitting, balancing and alignment services to our national contract customers.

We have tried and tested systems, processes and controls in place to ensure that we maintain a good relationship with both service providers and customers. Our dedicated team of Service Link administrators actively drive and support this process.  


Login to VSP to access the Service Link dashboard and manage customer orders with greater ease and convenience. We have provided a user-friendly interface which can be used to;

  • View your user profile
  • Manage Orders
  • Download Service Link Vouchers
  • Verify customer ref. numbers, service requirements and order validity
  • Upload Invoices & POD's  


1. How should I structure items such as fitting, balancing & tyre rotation, when completing the price tender schedule?

 The price tender schedule is in line with our order placement and billing systems. We have therefore grouped fitting, stripping and balancing together as a single line item under the term "Fitting and Balancing", whereas the term "Tyre Rotation" refers to rotation only. 


2. What are the payment terms under the Service Link program?

Whilst our payment terms with the numerous customer groups varies, we maintain payment terms of 30 days from statement with all Service Link Partners unless otherwise stipulated.


3. Can you let me know who some of your contract customers include?

 Our customers include a wide array of public and private sector clients.


4. Who should I call for an order number?

As soon as you have registered you will receive your login credentials. Your online user profile on our VSP Service Link dashboard will contain a list of order numbers with relevant Service Link Vouchers and more, however if required, you may contact the Service Link Centre directly on 08611 MALAS or 0861 162 527


5. Am I the only Service Link Partner in my area?

The number of Service Link Partners per city/suburb depends on client density within that area. Small towns with fewer customers may require one Service Link Partner whilst large metropolitan areas may require more.


6. What is the purpose of the Service Link Voucher?

As soon as a customer order is processed and a service is assigned by the Service Link Centre, a Service Link Voucher is generated. This voucher is available on the VSP Service Link dashboard. The Service Link Partner must ensure that the customer signs the Service Link Voucher as an acknowledgement of service. The Service Link Partner must retain a copy of the signed Service Link Voucher as this will serve the purpose of a POD. 

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