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  • servicelink@malas.co.za

How It Works

Customers are assigned to a Service Link Partner through a fully automated process which allows for quick and effective fulfilment of tyre fitting, balancing and alignment services. Referring customers has never been easier.

Step 1
Customer orders are processed and services are assigned to a Service Link Partner by our Service Link Centre.

Step 2
The customer is directed to the fitting station i.e. Service Link Partner, and provided with a reference number, known as the Service Link Voucher.

Step 3
The Service Link Partner will Login, verify the reference and purchase order numbers, view the service details and download the corresponding Service Link Voucher to render services.

Step 4
The Service Link Partner will ensure;

  • that services are rendered in accordance with the Service Link Voucher.
  • that once services are completed, vehicle information is captured and the customer signs the Service Link Voucher, which effectively serves as proof of service.
  • that the invoice contains the service date, purchase order number and the Service Link Voucher number.

  • NB: The signed Service Link Voucher will serve as proof of service.

Step 5
The Service Link Partner will login to the VSP portal;

  • Upload the signed Service Link Voucher, as a POD.
  • Upload the Service Link Partner Invoice, as a Vendor invoice.

Step 6
Statements must be e-mailed at the end of every month to vendors.non@malas.co.za to facilitate payment routines.