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About Service Link

What is Service Link?

Service Link is a service point program which matches fitting stations for services on wheels and tyres to a wide spectrum of national clients. As soon as you register, a world of new business becomes available to you.

What this means for you?
Should you meet our evaluation criteria and go on to become a Service Link Partner, corporate clients in need of tyre services in your area will be directed to your store for fulfilment of their fitting, balancing & alignment requirements.

What's more is that membership is entirely free!

By signing up, you will have access to new and exciting markets and at the same time receive a steady stream of lucrative business. Service Link has proven to be a smart and effective national tyre service solution.

Service Link Partners report the following benefits:

  • Increased traffic - more walk-in business
  • Increased profitability - more business with absolutely NO increase in overheads
  • Referrals - Service Link customers often return with their personal vehicles, or refer friends, family & associates
  • Optimised resources - keep your employees and equipment operating at optimum levels

How to Sign-up

Your store has already been identified as a match in terms of client density measurement for your geographic vicinity. We are therefore pleased to extend an invitation to you to Register Online